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"Educationists should build the capacities of the Spirit of Inquiry, Creativity, Entrepreneurial and Moral Leadership among students and become their role mode  ”

A.P.J ABDUL KALAM(Former President of INDIA)
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HAWKING INDUSTRIES specializes in aerial inspection using drone technology to help assess tall or otherwise inaccessible assets and infrastructure, often circumventing the need for isolation or shutdowns. As well as their greater efficiency, the use of drones improves safety by avoiding working at heights to inspect these structures by traditional rope access or Elevated Work Platforms. Presently, our services can be applied in areas such as: Civil-Infrastructure Monitoring, Aerial Filming, Aerial Surveys, Solar/Windmill & Oil/Pipeline inspections, Lidar Data processing, Aerial Data Processing, Event coverage etc.Training Services

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Our mission is to develop and deliver the highest quality, most inspiring, and inventive drone and virtual reality technology experiences to the next generation of visionaries and disruptors. We came up with an dream to leave our footprints in the space industry and the defence sector of India.

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To utilize the power of Drones, to deliver smart solutions, to bridge the gap between the sky and the earth using cutting edge UAV Technology and give a bird’s eye assessment for associated industries, that is our vision

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solutions for everyone

Our policy is to create impact in people’s life and in the industrial sectors. We make sure we come out with creative design to leave our footprints in the space industry and the defence sector of India

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solutions for everyone

To serve the people of the world with updated technology simplifying their lives and daily tasksTo dispense new technology to the people globally.

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Professor A. Kalanidhi, Vice Chairman, Commonwealth Science and Technology Academy for Research is an outstanding Academician & Administrator and rendered yeomen service in the field of Technical Education, and Renewable Resources of Energy, in particular IT and IT enabled services. His Excellency Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, The President of India, Felicitated and presented him an award for his Path Breaking Initiatives in IT-Driven Engineering Education at Anna University on 28th May 2003.

Dr.M.V Srinath

Doctorate (PhD) in the field of Computer Applications. Over 17+ (in which 5 years of experience in Research and Development in Instructional Design) years of experience in teaching at a Degree / Post Graduate level Technical Institution in the Department of Computer Applications and Engineering.One of the Director at C-STAR (COMMONWEALTH SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY FOR RESEARCH),Anna University.


Airforce veteran with a service of over 20 years as a technician whereby has tested more than 300 aircraft engines and currently a teaching faculty.He is an expert Aircraft Maintance Engineer, huge experience in the Research and Development on Aircraft Enginees.He Could Cover all the DGCA Regulations framed by Governed Bodies of DGCA.


Experienced in aerodynamics with over 5 years of service as an assistant professor and currently working in the field of computational fluid dynamics.


Experienced in LIDAR Data Processing with over 4 years of service for various Countries across the Globe and currently working with Video Analytics and Lidar Data Processing Softwares.


He Started HAWKING INDUSTRIES few years back as a UAV based Services & Training to the top Industries, requires Aerial & Thermal Inspection.Under the management his team has developed Various courses and Workshops about fixedwing Aircraft, Multirotars and technical trades to India and Australia. Well experinced in planning, execution and accomplish the project.

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Agriculture   ( Mining & pesticides Spraying )
INFRASTRUCTURE  (Railway & Roads(Highway))
ENERGY  (oil & Gas , Pipeline)
RENEWABLES  (Solar & Windmill)
UTILITIES  (Powerline & Telecom )
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